New Feature

Check out our new 'News' feature, for weekly updates on events, books, and changes to the store or store hours.The big news is the bigger store!

In January of 2011, the store next door moved, and we broke down the wall between, doubling in size. We now have more room for you to peruse the shelves, books and tables. With the new room, many books are clearly displayed with their front covers facing out, for those of you who like to choose their books by the cover!

Because of the added space, we've moved our check out counter to the other side, and now use the door on the right for the entrance. 

With this larger store comes a comfy seating area, to check up on some of your choices or wait for your party to finish their browsing. 

Join the French club on Thursdays, from 4:30pm - 6pm.