Andy's Art

Andy Houser is a local artist whose work revolves primarily around pencil sketches of historic buildings in the Parry Sound District. Some of the buildings still stand while others are long gone and remain only as a memory.  He also has done a series of water colour paintings of mice to be made into a future children's book.

Andy's artwork is available through the store or by special request. Come by and browse the large selection of gift cards, perfect for any birthday, special event, or occasion. Only $2.83 (tax included) each! Each comes with an envelope and description of the historic location.

Larger sketches, perfect for hanging on the wall, come in three different sizes and prices. The small print is $55.00 (+ tax), the large print is $115.00 (+tax), and original prints are $289.00 (+ tax).

Armstrong Hotel and Brown's Store, 1905

Back to Nature, Madawaska Valley

Flat Rapids Hunt Camp

Great Blue Heron

Green Farm

Jimmy Dobbs Store rotated and trimmed

Macfie Mill

Macil and Alvin Moore Home

Markham Place

Old Sedan, Maple Island

Wye Farm